1 year later…..

Well we did it, we survived a whole year just the three of us!

Im not going to lie, it’s been the most challenging and exhausting year of my life but also the most fun and exciting time too!

For those of you that know us (and some of you that don’t), you’ll know that our little one was a HORRENDOUS sleeper, I reckon that about 9 months of my life were consumed with either trying to get her to sleep, coming up with theories about why she wouldn’t sleep, talking to people about her sleep and arguing with my hubby about her not sleeping!

I think after this time we both just resigned ourselves to the fact that she just wasn’t a great sleeper! But she has the best personality and I couldn’t ask for more! She makes me laugh constantly and is my best friend in the world!  Can’t have it all right? In fact, I’d say we’re pretty lucky!!

Heres a few things I’ve learnt over the first year:

1. It is in fact possible to survive and somehow function on minimal sleep! Don’t ask me how but you just do! Yes you’re forgetful and walking around in a daze but you’re awake, you’re taking care of a baby and getting by!

2. Every baby is different. Ours didn’t sleep 12 hours a night like most in the mums group, ours wouldn’t take the bottle…. you can get down about it or you can get on with it, when they’re ready they’ll let you know!

3. Relationships are HARD. First there’s your hubby, the one person you’ve always turned to is also just as exhausted as you, tempers are short, life’s hectic and been turned upside down and neither of you have a clue what’s going on! It’s natural to fight!! Then there’s your friends, you don’t think they understand your life and you’re right, why would they! Their lives haven’t changed! Your real friends will stick around, and they’ll become an important part of your baby’s life too!

4. It really does take a village. Especially when you’re on the other side of the world to your family and friends! Let people in, don’t be afraid to ask for help and keep sociable!

5. Routine is a necessity. Me and my husband had no clue what to do with a newborn baby. We didn’t know we were meant to have a routine and looking back  maybe that’s why we spent so much of our time awake in the night and rocking or feeding a baby back to sleep! Routine is important to a baby, how will they know what’s going on otherwise!

6. You’ll experience love like never before. I honestly never thought I could love someone so much! My heart is so full of love for my baby, I miss her when she goes to bed or if I’m out! She makes me smile just when I hear or see her. ❤️

7. Stop buying unnecessary shite. Yep, you’ll see adverts for things and find yourself clicking “ add to shopping basket” in my front room I have a rocking caterpillar, a rubber donkey, a huge jellycat, a leopard print baby armchair….STOP!!!

8. Mums group becomes your saviour. These girls have been my rock. From a bunch of strangers in a room with newborn babies they’re now my very close friends and I couldn’t have done it without them. From texts at 5am, to bitching about our partners and multiple weekly play dates with wine they’re amazing!

9. Coffee is amazing. I’ve always been more of a “make us a cuppa” kinda girl so have always had the opinion that all those people ordering their morning coffees were kind of coffee wankers… but Lo and behold I’m one of them now… In fact I’ve been known to loiter outside the coffee shop at 7am and sign throughout the day “ gosh I’m tired, must need a coffee”

If anyone else has any other things they’ve learnt we’d love to hear them too!

And well done to all the other parents on surviving the first year, it sure was tough!



Long Haul travel with a baby….✈️

I think most of us will agree that flying long haul is a pain in the arse! But when you live on the other side of the world to your family and friends what option do you have….? I know! Why not make it harder for yourself and travel without your husband and instead go with your 10 month old baby!

I’d say I was probably extremely sleep deprived when I made this decision….

But being in the last stretch of maternity leave I was dying to get home and spend some time with my favourite people! All my friends at home have kids so it would be perfect!

So, a few weeks before the flight I started to get organised…for those that know me you’ll know that I’m more of a last minute kind of packer, makes it more of a surprise when you get to the other end and have no idea what you’ve actually packed 😂

But this time I decided to be mature and as I was packing for two I actually took it seriously. We had changes of clothes, food, individually packed nappy bags, wipes, toys, you name it, we were set!

We got to the airport early, sat down and had lunch, I even squeezed in a glass of bubbly! Holiday rule right?

Next stop customs. This was fun, baby’s milk, baby’s water, Ipad, liquids, everything out..oh and the baby!

She clearly gets her suspicious look from me as every time we go away we both get stopped and randomly searched. (I get it, to an outsider I probably do look mental…. big eye bags, half a bottle of dry shampoo emptied onto my hair and covered in baby food. I’ve clearly got the time to also be a drug smuggler…..)

Being able to take the stroller all the way to the gate made a world of difference. Bubs could sleep whilst waiting to board and I could save my back for the next 24 hour shift!

We flew with British Airways, Sydney to Singapore, Singapore to London and vice versa on the way home.

Its funny when you board, you can literally see people groan inside when they see a baby! I get it, I would have been the same pre baby! On our journey back to Sydney the lady next to me was stuck between two babies, she asked on both flights if she could move but the flight was full. Immediately I was on edge, especially as mine isn’t  what you’d call a sleeper! But Lo and behold on the first flight she was an angel and on the second, the woman managed to sleep through her crankiness and even held her for me several times when I got my bags out.

I can’t thank the staff on board enough, they were wonderful to me and my little one! I felt like I could ask for help when I needed to which isn’t always easy.

I ate my dinner with them while they entertained the baby, there was a constant supply of coffee and chocolate and plenty of cuddles for bubs too!

We made several new friends, a mixture of other parents and basically anyone that’s needed the loo as that’s where we were loitering 😂

Everyone was so kind, in the airport, in the queue and on the plane. Random strangers made a long and hard journey bearable! Oh apart from that one bloke that grumbled at me that he’d only managed 6 hours sleep the whole flight…. ✌🏼 Clearly no one told him that kindness makes the world go round. Twat.

I cant say I’ll be in a rush to do the journey solo again, on top of the flight jet lag for a baby is a bitch. Ten pm in our house at the moment is PAAAARTY time! 🎊🎊😛

Top tips for travelling with a baby:

– be organised, have nappies, wipes, food, clothes etc on hand

– Sleep when the baby sleeps, don’t be tempted to watch the latest film, you don’t when they’ll next sleep..

– accept help! Even if someone offers your baby a cuddle so you can go and freshen up GO, GO, GO!

– buy new toys to keep your baby entertained. (Be it ten minutes at a time)

– fly BA, they’re fab! 👍🏽