Dad…I think mums broken….😷😷

Dishy doctor.

Sleeping for days.

Dropping a dress size.

Sounds like heaven to most of us doesn’t it….?

But not when it comes hand in hand with not one but two bouts of bloody gastro!

Its all been fun and games in our household the last few weeks… a few of us in the mums groups, mixture of mums and bubs have been down with the gastro bug. Judging by how us adults felt I can’t imagine what it’s like for the little ones 😩

Whilst I was laying on the bathroom floor at one point all I could think was “I want my mum”

Then reality set in and I realised oh shit, I am the mum!

Whos going to look after me? 😭

So up steps dear old hubby…. having not been sick since bubs came along I didn’t realise how hard it was without any family here! Gastro sounds like nothing doesn’t it but I have a little person relying on me all day every day!

And of course because you’re contagious you can’t ask anyone else to take your baby!

So….my husband had to have a week off work and take over!

For that week he was mum, dad, chef, dog walker and cleaner…. (well maybe not cleaner 😂)

In between hugging the toilet I was asleep for hours on end and absolutely bloody useless!

The first few days consisted of hubby popping his head round the door “what shall I feed her?” “What shall I dress her in?” But by day two they had it all nailed 😀😀

They got their own little routine going and sounded like they were having a ball!

( I also suspect that on their “daily afternoon walk” to the swings they may have diverted by the pub for a swift pint for dad but who am I to judge? 😊

Our little one is a bit of a diva and has never really taken a bottle apart from when she feels like it so I was having to breastfeed too which was making me feel even worse 😩

At the end of day three, my husband was sat down with a glass of red and a lovely juicy steak. I sat there chewing a dry piece of toast glaring at him when he suddenly said “you know, I honestly don’t know how you do it every day. Going to work is a lot easier” HALLELUJAH. It had taken a week of me feeling like shit but he finally knew! Being a stay at home parent is BLOODY HARD!

After I had recovered I laid low for a few days to recuperate and make sure I wasn’t going to pass it on, I had serious cabin fever by this point and was dying to get out! I couldn’t wait to spend time with my baby girl and get out in the fresh air! My already pasty British skin was bordering on translucent by this point!

Then a week later the second round hit me and there I was back in the bathroom again! Not happy! Anyway to cut a long story short, we went through the same as above all over again, except this time I was given an injection to stop the vomiting and put on a drip to rehydrate! Thankfully that helped and I was back up and running a few days later!

Im on my ninth load of washing in three days and have scrubbed the house from top to toe! I’ve been to brunch with the girls and done some online shopping, I’m clearly feeling back to normal! 😀😀

And some positives from the shitty situation (excuse the pun) 😂

– bubs didn’t catch the bug 💪

– me and hubby managed to work as a team 👫

– I’ve lost those few extra kilos just before my holiday 😂

Every cloud ☁️☁️☁️.

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