Drop the mum guilt!! πŸ™‹

Come on admit, we’re all guilty of it in one way or another….

Being a mum means being responsible for keeping another tiny human being alive, its possibly the hardest job of all!

Guilt starts straight away, just picture that time you took your baby for their one week health check only to realise that after the nurse had stripped them off to reveal a large poop that you in fact don’t have a spare nappy or any wipes… or anything else for that matter!! But you know what, you did well to get out the house! (And remembered to take your baby with you!)

You might feel guilty that you’re having a small glass of wine with your dinner or maybe you didn’t wake up instantly to your baby crying in the night, it’s ok… IT’S NORMAL!

Collectively as a group this week we have been “guilty” of the following…;

– baby banging their head on the cot frame

– baby tumbling out of stationary toy car

– sun shade falling on top of baby in the car

So ladies, give yourself a break, babies are going to fall over, they’re going to roll off the bed, it’s reality! As long as you’re there to pick them up and dust them off that’s all that matters!!

So relax, you’re doing a great job! Β Whenever you feel the “mum guilt” coming on, replace Bad with NORMAL!

You’ve got this girls!! πŸ’ͺ


Ps. Feel free to share your bad mum moments with us, you’ll feel better once you share it! πŸ˜€


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