Welcome to The Clueless Mothers Club!

The title says it all really, this site is all about sharing experiences as first time mums (or dads!)

Whether you’re like me and you don’t know the first things about babies or whether you just want to join in and laugh/cry at some of our experiences then welcome!

A little about me…creator of the Clueless Mothers Club….

I’m 32 with a 6 month old daughter and we live in Sydney..originally from London (ok, ok Essex… 😊)

I’m the first of my Sydney based friends to join the motherhood gang and so it’s not been an easy ride!

Want to know my saving grace? My MOTHER’S GROUP! They are the only thing that’s kept me sane (as well as chocolate, coffee and the odd glass of wine of course!)

I’ve made some fab friends and even learned a thing or two about babies!We’re hoping to share some stories to help any other mums who are winging it through being a mum, You’re not alone!

Now, being a mum isn’t the only thing I’m clueless about…technology isn’t one of my strong points so please bear with me while I get the website up and running!

Hopefully we can all support each other, share stories and try to make mum life a little easier while having fun too!

Follow us on instagram @thecluelessmothersclub and we’ll be back soon with some stories!



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